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Studying Russian Using Computers

What is more, in the past 5 years a number of extremely effective and entertaining computer- assisted tools for learning Russian have been developed. Their continual refinement promises to make learning Russian easier than it has ever been. Political changes in Russia have made it possible to spend more time there and at an earlier stage in the language learning process than was possible even a decade ago. One can now receive exposure to the living language very early in the learning process, allowing Russian to be taught more like French, Spanish, and German than like Latin or Greek. As a result, more Americans who begin the language are able to achieve a high level of fluency faster than before.
A Computer Classroom

Check out the RussNet website for all the information you may need for learning and teaching Russian. If you are interested in learning through a computer, look at their Online Resources

In the end, whether one starts from a practical interest stimulated by the need to acquire useful real-world skills or from a purely cultural fascination one comes to the same conclusion; a desire and need to learn the Russian language and to learn it well. This information, prepared by the publications committee of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL), is intended to stimulate interest in Russian. It is designed not only for those who are considering a specialization in Russian language and literature but also for future businessmen, lawyers, engineers, journalists and diplomats who are thinking about making the Russian language part of their focus of work and study.

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