Why Study Russian

Why Do We Study Russian Today?

President Clinton and President Yeltsin Shaking hands Today the situation is almost reversed. The Soviet Union is now long gone and the Russians have become our (sometimes reluctant) friends. President Reagan and Gorbachev Shaking hands

Stories about Russia are no longer as prominent in the American media and the US government is increasingly unwilling to fund Russian-related activities or to hire Russian-speaking employees. As a result of federal cutbacks university and college positions have also been limited. But at the same time, within Russia itself there are myriad opportunities for Americans who know Russian. American law firms, businesses and consulting firms expand almost daily and they all need employees with a knowledge of the Russian language.
The Russians' own appetite for learning English appears to be insatiable, leading to many teaching jobs inside the country. Given ever-increasing globalization as well as the potential for a western-style Russian economy in the future, the need for Americans with a thorough knowledge of Russian language and culture will certainly increase.

For Information about exchange programs, check out the American Councils Home Page.

Of course, it is possible to do business or work in Russia without knowing the language, but Americans discover very quickly that in order to work effectively with Russians it is necessary to understand their thinking from the inside. And for this, the language and culture of the country are absolutely essential.

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