• Full length Demonstration Video Cassette for Faculty Training (45 minutes)

  • Based on the text by: Klobukova, Mikhalkina, Soltanovskaya, Khavronina "Russian for Business Communication"

  • Presented by Prof. Irina Mikhalkina, director of the International Program "Russian for Business Communication" and director of the Testing Center of Moscow State University

  • Participants: American students from US universities and colleges, intermediate level, ACTR summer exchange program

  • Available from ACTR Publications

  • Cost is $30.00 + shipping and handling
    Copyright ACTR, 2000

  • Get our video for free! Teachers who are currently using or are interested in using the Business Russian internet-based modules in their classrooms can receive a free copy of the video by participating in our feedback program.

  • For more information about this offer contact:
    Irina Van Dusen at: (202)833-7522
    or email: vandusen@actr.org